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UPDATE: TV, children, small moves, big business and a longing for a banana split - Feels Like Freedom [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sunday Sometimes

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UPDATE: TV, children, small moves, big business and a longing for a banana split [Nov. 7th, 2005|02:48 pm]
Sunday Sometimes
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Let's start from the beginning...

Mother-in-law got divorced from Father-in-law (most random, by the way) and was living in a large, mostly empty house and seemed super down. We (that is me, the husband and the wee ones) were looking for a way to save up some funds for a down payment on a house all our own. Thus we came to live with Mother-in-law, solving all of our old problems and causing some new ones. See, in the sitcoms, if a family moves in with the in-laws, drama typically ensues. This seemed unlikely in our case (Mother-in-law is more "mother" than "in-law" for me and has been for some time), but when you get two women who are used to things their way, it's almost impossible to come out unscathed. And so, with a few minor issues with household maintenance and some ridiculous misunderstandings, things around here are much, much better. We would make a bad sitcom.

Sister-in-law (who lives here as well) is a different story altogether. We clash... A lot...

That's all I have to say about that...

In addition to changes in living arrangements, there have also been some changes to my TV-watching routine. Certain shows (One Tree Hill, The OC and, dare I say it, Gilmore Girls) have been having lack-luster seasons thus far. OTH and The OC are getting cheesy and boring (cheesy is ok, but boring is a no no) and with Rory and Lorelei not speaking, Gilmore Girls is getting on my nerves. The last (new) episode gave me hope, but if they drag this out any further I may need to track down the writers and beat them senseless. YOU HEAR THAT WB??

Shows that I've added to my routine are: Arrested Development (I came in late on this show, but it really is the funniest thing on TV), My Name is Earl (<3 Jason Lee <3), The Office (love the UK version, but this one is pretty good too) and (saving the best for last) Veronica Mars. This show is so good it needs its own paragraph...

Veronica Mars is about a high school girl whose father is a private detective. Living in this environment, Veronica has picked up a thing or two. While going to school and dealing with all the typical high school BS, Veronica also takes on her fellow classmate's cases (who stole the school mascot, who stole the money at a rich kid's poker game, who stole the geeky girl's dog, etc.) and the cases that her dad doesn’t have time for. But, the big mystery (at least in season 1) is who killed Lily Kane, Veronica's best friend. OK, the premise is retarded but the characters, the writing, the plot lines and (for the most part) the acting are second to none. I say this with all sincerity: Veronica Mars is THE BEST SHOW on television. No question, hands down. I caught a few episodes of season one and thought it was good enough to buy the whole season on DVD. The best $40-something dollars I have ever spent, honestly. I've got two people totally obsessed with this show and I'm going for more. So if anyone reads this journal check out Veronica Mars on DVD and watch the second season on UPN (Wednesdays at 9:00 for most of the country, 12:00 -midnight- on Wednesdays for good ole Jacksonville). If you’re addicted to Lost (and who isn’t!) and this conflicts with that show, tape Veronica Mars. You will not be disappointed, I swear.

OK, back to reality, the kids are super cute and getting cuter by the day. Zeek is a chatty little bug and Isa is just too darn smart. Seriously, the girl is a musical genius. She's taking piano lessons and she's already learned four songs in less than a year which is just ridiculous. She learns by ear and just figures them out. It's insane. She had her first piano recital a couple weeks back and it was great. Zeek is a huge copy cat. He's too young for piano lessons but he tries so hard to be like his sister. He loves to take a bow and climb up and bang on the keys. It's a trip. He's also taken to saying "mm-kay" like the boss from Office Space, which is a really cute party trick.

In other news, I'm getting a car: a 2004 Impala. It's beautiful. That's the good news. The bad news is I'm going back to work. After about 2 years of being a stay-at-home mom, going back to work is huge and scary. I'm just so torn about it. I want to get back out into the real world and socialize with adults, but at the same time I'm so freaked out about putting the kids in daycare. You hear all this crap on the news about perverts and stuff and it's like all I want to do is protect them and I know if I've got them with me at all times, nothing bad will happen to them. But, I guess you have to let go of those fears sometime. For me, the deadline for letting go is early December... Maybe early January... Oh, we'll see...

Finally: I REALLY WANT A BANANA SPLIT! Do ice cream parlors even make those anymore? Are there even ice cream parlors anymore?

[User Picture]From: icancough
2005-11-08 03:11 am (UTC)
ha! i just moved in with my inlaws this weekend.

my credit card debt is shaking in a corner.

grrr! don't knock the gilmore girls! they had to give us something to ache for after letting luke and lorelai hook up.

dairy queen sells banana splits. so does baskin robbins.

it's my favorite way to have ice cream served to me.

... it's of my favorite ways to have ice cream served to me.

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From: sundaysometimes
2005-11-08 02:34 pm (UTC)

It's weird that you moved in with your in laws too. Now I feel less like a loser and more like a trend setter. I'm the Gwyneth Paltrow of 20-something living arrangements!

It's true, with Lorelai and Luke getting together (engaged even!), there needs to be some sort of conflict. But, oh how it hurts!!! I will say this: I am thrilled about tonight's episode. Jess is back!!!!! I'm sure it's only for one or two episodes but I just love that character (not a popular opinion, I know, but still).

Thanks for the scoop (ha!) on where to get a banana split. I'll head to the nearest DQ or Baskin Robbins ASAP.

Peighton's soooo cute!! And congrats on the new job! This one seems to be a pretty good fit, a step in the right direction, if you will. That's awesome!
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