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Sunday Sometimes

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Procrastination and food preparation [Mar. 21st, 2005|07:50 pm]
Sunday Sometimes
[Current Mood |workingworking... sort of]
[Current Music |giggly kids and indiscriminate TV chatter]

This just in: I'm supposed to be writing a review of the new releases in the Disney Learning Adventures DVD line but I am totally drained and it's hot in here which is not conducive to writing, at least not for me. To be honest I haven't really watched them yet. They are both about 45 minutes long and I only have an hour until 24 starts so I'm opting to watch them after 24 (something I'm sure my husband will love). The review will have to either wait until either later tonight (burn that midnight oil and what not) or tomorrow morning (more likely). I work well under pressure so I'm not too concerned.

In the kitchen corner: I can't cook. Isabelle requested eggs (hard boiled, the only way she will eat them) and I screwed them up. I screwed up HARD BOILED EGGS. Does anyone else think maybe the homemaker profession may not be for me??

In entertainment news: There is a Sin City screening next week and I am more than thrilled. I swear, the more previews I see, the more excited I get. Hopefully they will show the Domino trailer at that screening too! Weeeee!!

And finally: There is a weird smell coming from this corner of the house. Like... something ate a bunch of cheese and died. Only, there is nothing there, I sniffed around. Perhaps some animal died in the walls, which would surprise me since I doubt there are animals living in our walls. If I cannot locate the culprit, I shall have to call the landlord so he can investigate. He'll love that.

And that's the news for now. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.